Moving Arts Classes

* Improves flexibility
* It’s fun!
* Increased energy
* Improves your balance
* You make friends!
* It slims
* Reduces stress
* It makes your heart healthy!

Appropriate for everyone, including those with physical limitations

Come for an hour and a half of freeform dance where you can groove however your body wants, by yourself or with others. Bare your soles (and soul), surrender to the music and let your movement be guided by your body's wisdom. There are no wrong moves. No previous dance experience necessary.

$7 Drop-in
$5 with a Lotus Center ecstatic dance card
Sundays at 9:30 am

To maintain a sacred space for movement and free expression we ask that you follow the following guidelines:
  1) No talking on the dance floor
  2) Scent-Free, Drug-Free, Smoke-Free
  3) Alcohol-Free Environment.
  4) No Photos or Videos; cellphones quiet and out of sight.
  5) Respect the space and each other.
  6) Dance however you wish.
  7 ) Dance alone or with as many partners as you like - If you'd rather not dance with someone, thank them by placing your hands in prayer at your heart.

At the end of each dance, we convene in a brief closing circle for sharing and announcements. What to Bring:
  1) Loose-fitting clothes that allow for free movement.
  2) Water to keep yourself hydrated.
  3) A towel or extra shirts.
  4) A positive attitude of mutual respect for yourself and others.
T'ai Chi Chuan is at once a martial art, a conditioning and health exercise, and a meditative practice. We begin by teaching the original Yang-style Long Form. This initially develops lower body strength and balance. With extensive practice come fluid grace, relaxation and the 'moving meditation' that is uniquely characteristic of Tai Chi.

$10 Drop-in
$8 with a Lotus Center class card
Tuesdays and Thursdays at 9:30 am

No experience required; ability to get down (and back up) for floor poses recommended

Myssage is a technique of hands-off , do-it-yourself bodywork that targets the mayo fascial system or connective tissue, also known as fascia. This fascia surrounds every structure and organ in the body, making up cartilage, tendons, and ligaments. Fascia also regulates posture and joint position and is closely linked with the autonomic nervous system. When this connective tissue becomes hardened through age, overuse, and stress, it dehydrates. The body's fluid system of space and freedom becomes compromised, thus creating the conditions for chronic pain.

Myssage uses specially designed props to create gentle pressure, while movement releases and softens the hardened tissue. Students become empowered through learning to place their own props, listen to their bodies sensory nerve signals, and create their own best massage. The result is deep release of muscle tension, an increase in circulation and hydration through the connective tissue, as well as renewed energy throughout the entire body. Myssage is a powerful tool for pain relief, and is accessible for all levels of ability and ages.

$10 Drop-in
$8 with a Lotus Center class card
Thursdays at 5:30 pm
Come enjoy! This is a Pilates mat class; we do not use fancy equipment. All levels are welcome. Make sure not to eat for at least an hour or two before you come. We focus on core awareness and toning of the entire body especially the postural muscles. Clothing should not have a thick waistband or ties on the back as they will be uncomfortable for you during this class. Also, hair should be down or up in a way that is comfortable while lying on your back. There is an extensive warm-up and cool-down to ensure your safety and comfort. This method of conditioning suits all levels of fitness, from those who wish to maintain or correct posture to those who wish to increase their athleticism. Come discover what Pilates is all about.

$10 Drop-in
$8 with a Lotus Center class card
Thursdays at 7:00 pm
Ballet provides vast benefits to anyone who studies it at any level. Some of the physical benefits of ballet are improved memory, sound posture, strength, flexibility, coordination, control, rhythm, balance, and fluid motion. Specific training includes use of the head, arms, torso, and legs in ways that command focus and concentration while integrating harmony of movement. In this series, both sides of the body will be equally trained, thus exercising both sides of the brain. Accomplishing ballet movement requires repetition. Muscle memory through repetition frees the mind to concentrate on the rhythms and dynamics of each movement. Ballet study further involves interpretation of music and characterization that leads to performance expression. It is a complete practice synchronizing mind, body, and spirit.

All adult ages are welcome to take this series (ages 16 through senior are suggested). The foundation of ballet exercises, when applied correctly, work with the body, not against it. I modify movement to suit individual needs with consideration of age or physical limitation.

$10 Drop-in
$8 with a Lotus Center class card
Wednesdays 10:00 am & Mondays 7:00 - 8:15 pm

Our Class Rates

  • Drop-in: $10
  • 10-Class Pass: $80
  • Hour Yoga: $5 for an hour of yoga
  • Donation Yoga: Pay what you can
  • Class cards do not expire
Ecstatic Dance Rates
  • Drop-in: $7
  • 5-Dance Pass: $25
  • Saturday Evenings Only
  • Class cards do not expire

* Lotus Center accepts cash and checks.
* The studio lobby is open 10am - 2:00pm so payments may be made then, or before and after scheduled classes, or [ online ]