Through the Friends of Lotus program, you can pledge a monthly amount to support the work of our Center, and ensure our ongoing viability. Please consider becoming a Friend of Lotus with a monthly contribution.

Participate by printing, completing and mailing, or by bringing your pledge form to Lotus Center to authorize the set up of your monthly auto-debit. Please mail your form to: P.O. Box 21, Silver City, NM 88062.

Or, use our secure online form:

Friends of Lotus Pledge Form

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We extend our heartfelt thanks to current Friends of Lotus donors . . . 

Mike and Elli Sorensen
DeAnna Mooney
Peggy Spofford
Katherine Feist and Dave Krisch
Becky Glenn
Ryan and Natalie Carrell
Carol Morrison
George Farmer and Linda Zatopek
Allison and Jeff Boyd
Mike Madigan
Lynda Aiman-Smith

Azima Forest
Dan Funsch
Jeff Goin
Corri Broner
Peter Herzberg & Tina Oldknow
Cindy Livingston
Chris McIntosh
Suzanne Gershenson
Roberta Brown
Mimi Peterson
Tranquil Buzz Coffee House

Basira Nickle
Zoey Cronin
Marilynn Freeman
Teresa Hagerson
JoAnn Hall
Pamela Bryant
Robin Williams
Cindy Neely
Jacque Cusick
Susan Coe Brown