Allan Cooper
Allan Cooper has practiced Insight Meditation since 1974. His primary teachers are the Burmese meditation master Sayadaw U Pandita, his student, Sayadaw U Vivekananda, Abbott of Panditarama International Meditation Center, and Joseph Goldstein, co-founder of Insight Meditation Society. Allan is a retired hospice and mental health RN, and has been teaching meditation and leading retreats in North America and Asia for almost 15 years.

Anna Dye
Anna is from Helsinki, Finland. She began her T'ai Chi training in 1998, in Helsinki, as a student of Rami Salo, a student of Grandmaster Tung Kai-Ying. Now living in Pinos Altos, New Mexico, Anna maintains her training by attending Grandmaster Tung's intensive trainings at various locations in the US and Europe, and through practicing and teaching with her husband, John.

Anna has a master's degree in Ethnology from the University of Helsinki, and worked for many years as a museum curator. She is a certified Rosen Method Bodywork therapist, with a practice here in Silver City.

Becky Glenn
Becky is a registered yoga teacher (RYT) by Yoga Alliance in the vinyasa (flow) style of yoga – receiving her initial teacher training from Stephanie Keach at the Asheville Yoga Center in Asheville, NC, in 2006. Ever since, Becky has been consistently teaching multiple yoga classes each week – first at the popular intown yoga studio in Atlanta, Yoga Samadhi, then in Silver City after moving here in 2009.

Becky teaches various classes, ranging from gentle to vigorous. In all classes, Becky emphasizes listening to one's own body and following the breath. Becky brings a tender-hearted, playful spark to the yoga practice, creating an environment to support each student's intentions and needs . . . while having FUN!

Cate Bradley
Cate was introduced to yoga classes in the 1970’s. Her first Hatha yoga teacher training was in 2003 at the Providence Institute in Tucson, and has a broader background from further study with a variety of masters: Mukunda Stiles, Rama Joyti Vernon, Joseph LaPage, Sarah Powers, and others. Her yoga teaching style is eclectic with a focus on raising understanding of anatomy and breath in the poses, and connecting the pose to mental and emotional clarity about “what’s up now.” She believes self-care on the mat makes living yoga off the mat easier.

Recently retired as a Landscape Architect from the National Park Service, Cate is new to Silver City and excited to immerse in this community and enjoy the magic of New Mexico.

Corri Broner
Corri's yoga experience began in 1998 when she discovered that the stretches she was doing in her living room were called yoga! After noticing how much better she felt from learning more yoga in classes, she deepened her understanding in an Anusara Yoga Immersion program, which focused on alignment and heart opening in order to make every pose a blissful expression of one's life force. Building on her career in mind-body therapies, she completed the Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy program which allowed her to integrate the body's wisdom into her private practice as a psychotherapist. She taught a beginner class in Albuquerque for four years, and has since strengthened her commitment to yoga as a powerful path for personal transformation.

Her passion for yoga and extensive study of mind-body medicine has allowed Corri to develop an integrated and holistic healing approach which combines yoga, psychotherapy, bodywork, food as medicine, herbs and essential oils to help people relieve pain and suffering, build vitality, and create joy in their lives. She is a Certified Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapist, Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor, Licensed Massage Therapist, Natural Therapeutic Specialist and Certified Health Facilitator. Her approach witnesses and honors the beauty of the human journey, the potential evolution of all beings, and the importance of nature's wisdom in healing. Her latest passion is building therapeutic bridges of communication between animals and people.

Crystal Netz-Arenivar
Crystal began dance during her childhood as a way to regain strength and function after cancer treatment. She studied modern, ballet, jazz, improvisation, and yoga at New Mexico State University, and then taught Creative Movement with the Silver Consolidated Schools Elementary Arts Program for four years.

Crystal views dance as a deeply healing art form from which we can discover our truest selves. In 2004 after being inspired and touched by the powerful healing effects of attaining supported spinal alignment she became a certified Pilate's instructor with the Physical Mind Institute. She also has an Associate's degree in Occupational Therapy and a Bachelors of Kinesiology. Crystal has worked in the Silver City community to promote healthy lifestyles by coordinating community events that highlight movement and dance as well as nutrition. She views movement and dance as essential nutrients that give life vibrancy.

George Farmer
George moved to Silver City in 2006 and brought with him a deep commitment to the practice of Engaged Buddhism, the practice of seeking ways to apply the insights from meditation practice and life's teachings to situations of social, political, environmental, and economic suffering and injustice. Engaged Buddhism found its roots in Vietnam through the Zen Buddhist teacher Thich Nhat Hanh.

George is the facilitator for Blooming Lotus Sangha, a contemplative spiritual community in Silver City that practices mindful living in the tradition of Thich Nhat Hanh. George began his journey of mindfulness practice in 1999 and was ordained into the Order of Interbeing as a lay practitioner in 2003. Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh is a global spiritual leader, poet and peace activist, revered throughout the world for his powerful teachings and bestselling writings on mindfulness and peace. His key teaching is that, through mindfulness, we can learn to live happily in the present moment-the only way to truly develop peace, both in one's self and in the world. George and his partner Linda Zatopek founded Axle Canyon Ecological Preserve in the Burro Mountains southwest of Silver City.

Jeff Goin
Jeff has been teaching and leading non-denominational meditation in Silver City, on a volunteer basis, since 2008. His classes provide practical ideas and methods for improving relationships, overcoming anger, dealing with stress and, in general, establishing and maintaining a peaceful state of mind.

Jeff is a co-founder of Single Socks, a non-profit thrift store in Silver City that donates hundreds of thousands of dollars to anti-hunger programs in Grant County, New Mexico. He is a practicing Mahayana Buddhist since 1999.

John Dye
John is a 20-year student of T'ai Chi Ch'uan Grandmaster Tung Kai-Ying whose school is based in Los Angeles. Grandmaster Tung, inheritor of a long T'ai Chi family tradition, travels extensively and has students in North America, Europe and Asia. He teaches Yang-style and Tung family-style T'ai Chi Ch'uan as taught in Grandmaster Tung's school. The repertoire begins with the Yang-style Long Form (Slow Set) as the core practice, but includes many other forms and training (e.g. Fast Set, Tung-family Set, push-hands, and weapons forms).

John's initial mind-body discipline was yoga; he studied Iyengar-style yoga for many years and taught it for 7 years at UCSD, and other venues in San Diego. While he remains deeply appreciative of its benefits (and practices it still), he gradually aligned his efforts as a student and teacher toward T'ai Chi Ch'uan. While T'ai Chi is traditionally defined as a martial art, it has, for John, proven to be a profound, nuanced, spiritual practice, and a source of unending self-discovery.

John Dye has a doctorate in neurophysiology from the UCSD Department of Neurosciences. Since moving to Silver City in 2007, he and his wife have taught T'ai Chi classes in town and at WNMU.

Juniper Bowers
Juniper Bowers is the creator of Myssage, a technique of self-massage based on the principles of deep myofascial tissue release. Juniper was trained as a Rossiter Coach and in Thai Massage and worked for many years as a body worker before synthesizing her expertise into a form of self-massage that can be taught in a class. Juniper has been a teacher for 20 years and a Yoga instructor for 15 years.

Juniper began her training in the tradition of Iyengar Yoga, which places a heavy emphasis on correct alignment. She has since then gone on to study Vinyasa flow and Anusara Yoga and Feldenkrais, hoop for health and balance auditory visual exercises (Bal-a-vis-x). Her style is a unique combination of all of the above. She has taken the best parts of all of the modalities that she has studied to create an experience that is deeply transformative and informative. Juniper expertly blends and offers, an awareness physiology, traditional Yoga poses, correct alignment, techniques for brain and body balancing with a light hearted and playful approach to creating lifelong wellness skills that are accessible for everyone. At the Lotus Center Juniper offers a weekly Myssage class and occasional workshops of Hoop for health and Bal-A- Vis -X.

Kelsi Skee-Nelson
Kelsi Skee-Nelson has been teaching a mosaic of playful hatha, with a blend of vinyasa and hints of asthanga since 2015, and has been practicing yoga for over 13 years. She began her practice as a pre-teen in her home town of Silver City with Diane Grant. Her practice grew with inspiration of the creative vinyasa flows of Shiva Rea. In 2014 Kelsi moved to Memphis where she fell in love with Aerial yoga (yoga in hanging hammock silks) and Acro yoga (acrobatic partner yoga). After moving back to NM Kelsi attended Ananda's yoga teacher training in El Paso, TX where she became a certified 200 hour yoga teacher through Yoga Alliance. Her teachers, Betsy and Gilberto Arias, educated her on the more traditional aspects of Ashtanga and the 8 limbs of yoga that inspired her own internal changes. She has aspired to share the fruits of what she has learned (and continues to learn) with others. Kelsi is also a certified T.A.G. teacher and positive methods animal trainer. She uses short and clear instructions delivered in a positively motivating manner.

Marilynn Freeman
Marilynn began her journey into the world of yoga over 40 years ago, and it continues to be a daily part of her life. Marilynn's foundation is Iyengar Yoga, which is very focused on achieving proper body alignment in the pose, often through the use props. Restorative Yoga comes out of the Iyengar tradition and this is principally what she teaches. Breathwork, gentle movements, and relaxation are an integral part of her classes.

Marilynn has also practiced other yogic systems that encouraged more movement and flow, such as Jivamukti and Ashtanga. Her personal favorite is Kundalini Yoga because it includes technologies such as chanting, mudra (hand positions), use of bhandas (body locks), meditation, as well as poses. She is a certified Relax and Renew® Trainer as well as a certified Kundalini Yoga instructor. She has taught over 1500 hours of yoga and is licensed through Yoga Alliance. For more information about Marilynn's Yoga instruction, please visit,

Melissa Woods
Melissa Woods has studied yoga with Richard Miller, Sean Corne, Kino McGregor, Leslie Kaminoff and Rod Stryker and infuses her teaching style with the lineages and wisdom of these teachers. She believes yoga is a path to healing and embraces the system as her spiritual practice. Be prepared to meet yourself on your mat when practicing asana with her; humor, sweat, tears and giggles may occur. She has a playful, devotional and integrated approach to teaching asana with the foundations of the philosophy interwoven into each class. Melissa is a 500-hour Registered Yoga Teacher, and is currently a doctoral candidate at the Hindu University of America in the Yoga Meditation and Philosophy program.

Natalie Carrell
Natalie is a registered yoga teacher in the Sivananda school of yoga. She was attracted to Sivananda yoga for its medical foundation (the guru, Swami Sivananda Saraswati, was a medical doctor), its consistent and structured asana and pranayama components, and its strong attention to yoga's traditional roots. A typical Sivananda yoga class incorporates opening and closing chants (Bhakti yoga), pranayama (breathing exercises), and asana practice built around 12 basic postures with variations, and with relaxation between postures.

In addition to Sivananda yoga Natalie is a member of a growing movement of rehabilitation professionals working to "bridge the gap" between traditional allopathic or Western medicine and the ancient knowledge of yoga. She brings this intention to her work as a physical therapist for Gila Regional Medical Center's outpatient rehabilitation department. Likewise, she is able to help her yoga students work with sensitive or injured areas in their yoga practice in order to achieve more complete movement.

Ryan Carrell
Ryan is a registered yoga teacher and physical therapist. He was recently trained in the Sivananda lineage and is passionate about yoga's potential for personal growth and transformation. He has been studying for 15 years and teaching yoga since 2005. Traditionally yoga asanas were done facing the east, greeting the rising sun. Ryan carries on this tradition in the Sunrise Yoga class.

Sallyann Mulcahy
Sallyann's career as a professional ballerina included principal performance with Canada’s Royal Winnipeg Ballet, Finis Jhung’s Chamber Ballet USA, and New Jersey Ballet. She founded and directed Ballet Montana, a nationally recognized training and performance venue for professional ballet dancers, and was for 19 years Artist in Residence at Carroll College in Helena, Montana. Her mentorship with Pilates master Robert Fitzgerald of New York and her work as assistant to physical therapist Robert Antonick of Helena, inspired her to establish the first Pilates studio in Montana and to make rehabilitation and well-being elemental to her work. Her thirty-plus years as a teacher has inspired all levels and ages -- from children to seniors and from aspiring students to professionals. Her website is:

Shivani Ma
Shivani Ma grew up surrounded by the prairies of North Dakota. Her interest in the healing arts began in her teens. Most of what she first learned was through self-study and apprenticeship. She received formal training at the Supreme Science Qigong Center and Mesilla Valley School of Therapeutic Arts. She was initiated into the Siddhi Yoga lineage in 2006. Each step of her learning has built upon what came before in her healing and education, which inspires her integrative approach to teaching. Shivani brings her variety of experiences of energy, movement, and the body to her Yin class.

Stella Reeder
Stella brings over 20 years of experience to her students from a rich variety of wise teachers, guides, friends, family, and cultures. Her classes are lighthearted, are informed by her training in Anusara, Astanga, and Aerial, and are mixed with her experience as a body worker, musician, and traveler. Stella lives with her daughter, Daisy, on an orchard, in Pinos Altos.

Valerie Roth
Valerie Roth began study and practice of the Buddhist path 30 years ago while completing a Masters Degree in East West Psychology. She continued practice and study over the years of living and working as a Physical Therapist in Hawaii, California, New York, and on the Navajo Nation. She has studied and practiced with several different teachers, all in the Theravada lineage.

She completed training as a Community Dharma Leader at Spirit Rock Meditation Center in 2008 and was active in the Albuquerque Vipassana Sangha for several years. She taught classes for those new to practice and also served on many administrative committees. In recent years she has travelled in a small motorhome and lived in Rodeo; she moved to Silver City 3 months ago. Her focus is on practice in daily life, and offering service in support of what builds community.