Lotus in the Community

March, 24, 2017 by reporter Robin Austin, The Silver City Daily Press and Independent. It’s been about a year since Lotus Center started offering this yoga class, free of charge, to the area’s veterans after receiving support from Connected Warriors, a nonprofit organization. Connected Warriors offers trauma-conscious yoga classes to service members, veterans and their families in 12 states and training in trauma-conscious yoga to instructors . . .
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October 21, 2016, The Silver City Daily Press and Independent. The Lotus Center was one of the nonprofit groups that received a bag refund donation this month from the Silver City Coop . . . [ Article PDF ]
We’re launching 'Meditation for Beginners' for folks who may want to learn how to meditate, but don't know where to begin,” says Lotus Center director Jeff Goin. “In fact, we thought about naming the class Meditation for People Who Don't Know Anything About Meditation, but that would have been too long . . . [ Article PDF ]
Yoga for Veterans classes are free, sponsored by Connected Warriors and designed specifically for and exclusive to veterans. No prior yoga experience is necessary to get full benefit from the classes. The classes take place every Tuesday . . . [ Article PDF ]